Bath: 01225 46 46 46
Bristol: 01179 25 26 26
Chippenham: 01249 65 65 65
Swindon:  01793 701 701

When you're cream crackered order a priority pick-up. Cool and collected queue jumpers use priority bookings.

Priority Pick-ups

Welcome to Priority Pick-ups. An automated Hi- Tech system that allows you to book a V Car on your mobile, and get picked up really quickly, by by-passing our call centre.

All you have to do is complete the form opposite and send it back to us, with the five places you go to most. Your club, pub, restaurant, shops, or wherever.

Once we receive it, we’ll confirm when everything is set-up and you’re ready to go. Then all you do when you need a V Car is:

1) Phone your nearest branch of V Cars on your mobile ( see your local number above).
2) Enter the pick up address (number 1–5 )
3) The pick-up address will automatically be repeated to you.

Your V Car is now booked and on it’s way, and you’ll get a call back to say it’s arrived. It’s that simple.

So no more queuing or keep popping outside to see if your V Car has arrived.

Just complete that form now with your favourite five pick-up places and enjoy the free privilege of
Priority Pick-ups.

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